Countdown: 28 days to go


Baby talk is boring, I think, if you’re not actively involved in the baby process. And yet, I’ve gotten to that point in my pregnancy where I can’t really afford to think of much else. So forgive me for the one-topic fixation that’s currently going on around here. I have no idea what my plans are with this website, but for now I’m just going to write what’s on my mind. We still have so much to do before she gets here, and I’m trying to take it just one thing at a time and not completely stress out.

Of course, this makes for a spectacularly AWFUL time for both J and I to come down with miserable head colds. This long weekend has been awful, simply awful. I’ve done laundry and dishes, and rearranged my kitchen appliances to make room for a baby bathtub area, but that’s about it. We didn’t finish painting her room as we promised. We didn’t pick out new baseboards or carpet. We didn’t finish cleaning the ferret cage and move it to its new location in the house.

I did, however, start to go through her newborn clothes tonight (generous people have blessed me with enough hand-me-downs to easily clothe multiple babies) and picked out a few things to have ready, just in case she comes early. Since her room isn’t done, and her dresser isn’t here yet, I’ve been putting off my urge to wash and fold all her clothes – but at 36 weeks, it’s time to get at least a handful of things ready to wear. It’s crazy to think that these itty bitty clothes are going to be a regular part of my laundry in just a few weeks!


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